Tuesday, September 6, 2011

And day 2

So.. Thursday, August 18th. 3:00 am, I was given pitocin. I tried to sleep, but it was hard. I was being woken up by the nurse every 30-60 minutes, I had to pee, I couldn't get comfortable... you know that it is impossible to sleep at the hospital!
So my doctor came in around 7:30, he pretty much woke me up, so I guess I was able to sleep just a little bit! He said that I was between 4-5cm dilated, and about 70% effaced. He told me that he would give me a few hours and if I didn't progress, I would need to have a csection. He said he would check me again around 12..so in my mind I'm thinking CRAP...because I really don't want to have a csection, and the fact that he mentioned that word, it scared me!
So Matt comes around 8, and I tell him what is going on. I can start to feel my contractions, and they are getting stronger, but my doctor said the reason I'm not in too much pain is because the baby is so big and my uterus doesn't have much room to contract (or something like that..I didn't really get it, but I understood it more when he was telling me). Anyway, my aunt Marsha and grandma came and hung out for awhile, and then they went to our house to see August. But I guess they stayed for only like 10 minutes! I think they thought I was going to go into full on labor and then they would miss it. They came back to the room and hung out for awhile longer, but then the pain was getting pretty crazy. I asked for the epidural because I just wanted to relax, and I couldn't handle the pain! So everyone left the room and then by 12:30, I couldn't feel anything! The nurse called my doctor to tell me that I asked for the epidural and he was glad because he knew I was progressing since I was feeling more pain. I had also effaced more, so he was going to give me a few more hours.
My aunt and grandma came back in the room, along with Lori! We talked for awhile but I was really feeling a lot of pain in my vagina, like I could still feel the contractions.. so I told the nurse and she said she was going to check me.. I was dilated to a 7! It was pretty crazy. Lori had to leave, and she left at 1:30, because she needed to be in AG at 2. My grandma decided to go get something to eat.. a few minutes later, I was really starting to feel pain and Lola's heartbeat was dropping when I had a contraction. The nurse came back in to check me and I was at an 8, and 100% effaced. She was really worried about her heartbeat so she called Dr. Dillon. Dr. Dillon came right over and told me that I needed to start pushing. I was only at an 8!! I told Matt to call Danielle, she was only in Nipomo! I was stressing out more about her getting there in time than anything!
She made it, but I don't remember her coming in at all! Haha.
I started pushing at 2:08...I was crazy.. I said the F bomb.. I told them I couldn't do it, I didn't want to push anymore.. I was seriously NOT liking it. My epidural was shot off before I started pushing, and I could feel everything. The crowning was the worst part ever. as soon as her head was out and she just slid out, it was amazing... the pain went away instantly. The cord was wrapped around her neck twice, and she was pale, but other than that she was totally fine. She looked exactly like August when she came out, it was kind of weird! My nurse, Lindsay, was SO nice. She was so helpful. I told her I felt like I was going to poop (which Matt told me I did just a little bit, it looked like clay he said), and she said that means I'm pushing the right way. I did end up with a small hemi (GROSS, I've never had one in my life and it is/was so gross!) Anyway.. she was born at 2:27 p.m. 9.0lbs, and 22 inches. She has a small head too, and I didn't tear as much as I did with August and his giant head!
Part 3 to follow...

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