Sunday, May 16, 2010

Coupons & Savings

So I am going to become one of those crazy coupon shoppers. Today was a trial run, to see what I need to improve on.. and A LIST will be the first thing and second is to get my coupons organized!
Here is what I spent/bought & saved.
1. Target - They had a deal going if you buy 2 boxes of Huggies you get a $5 gift card.
I first bought those with 2 $3 coupons. So my total was $36.61 for 140 diapers. I got the $5 gift card and rung everything else up on a second transaction.

Most of the items I bought were cleaning items, cat & dog food, cat liter, wipes, bag of mixed chips (frito lay), and goldfish. (i forgot to give them the $1.00 coupon for the liter, it would have been only .77 cents!)
My total was $60.54 cents, used the $5.00 gift card, so it came out to $55.54.
I saved a total of $18.91.

Then I went to Fresh & Easy, which is located in Orcutt, and they are cheaper than Albertsons most of the time. I had a $3.00 off coupon of $30 a more.. so I went there to get what I knew was cheaper than Albertsons.. (they don't take manufactor coupons, which sucks because I didn't know until I went to check out, I would have saved an additional $2.00)
I saved $5.98, my total was $82.65.
I bought: oj, milk, cheese, vegis, ice cream, ziploc bags, muffins, meat, water, fruit, chicken broth, toilet paper, dressing, eggs...

Then Albertsons:
Cereal, vegis (what they didn't have at fresh and easy), deli lunch meat & cheese, gerber juice, white beans, bread, yogurt, charcoal, baby ibprofin, tylenol, and diet pepsi.
I spent $77.42.
I saved a total of $29.29.
Bonus Buy: $3.74
Preferred Savings: $21.06
MFG Coupon Savings: $4.49

I saved $60.18 + the $5.00 coupon.
Not bad!
Even though I spent about $250, what I bought will last for at least 2 weeks. I know I will get better at planning out my list and coupons, so this is just the beginning. Plus - Walgreens & CVS have really good deals, but I'm not that crazy yet!!!

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