Sunday, April 11, 2010

please knees.

so if tomorrow the weather is good, i am going to run. i haven't ran since wednesday because my left knee has been hurting really bad and matt told me to rest alittle bit and then when i go back to running to only do it every other day. i have some tendinitis in my knee so thats why it hurt.
i had an amazing 3 days well 4 if you count today, but today wasn't as amazing. went to the beach, the zoo, and the aquarium! it was all so much fun. i hung out with danielle 4 days this week, which will probably never happen again because she goes back to school on tuesday and then ill never see her! (i had to take advantage of her being out of school for a week!)

oh and august LOVES gibby, he laughs every time she walks by him. it's so cute.

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