Friday, July 23, 2010

The outcast.

OVER IT...It's the phrase I'm going to use to describe how I feel about everything right now, other than August & Matt. I am kind of over everything.
I thought moving to California would be different....I thought it would let Matt and I get out and enjoy life. The weather is almost always perfect, don't have to worry about the snow or humidity.
But there's something I think I have come to realize.
I think that I had more fun in Illinois. We did WAY more things, and even though we have a child now, I know that we could do the same exact things we did then.
My biggest thing about moving to California was that I wanted the weather, and I wanted my friends.
But things aren't what they used to be.. everyone is changing, growing older, growing up, growing apart.
I had great friends in Illinois, yes we weren't childhood friends, I only knew them for 3 years, but they were still all awesome.

If Matt told me, pack up.. we are moving to Chicago, I would be happy. Yes, I would cry when we actually left, knowing that I wouldn't see my friends or their kids, and August wouldn't have grown up with all my friends kids..
But seriously, when do I see my friends anyway....sometimes only once a month!
I feel like I live in a different state.. and we are just 25 minutes away.


  1. that's exactly what happened when we moved to santa maria and then again when we changed churches, it seems like most friends follow "out of sight out of mind". sorry it sucks! i really don't know what to say, i know it sucks being the one calling all the time, that's me for sure. i wouldn't have any friends if i didn't call people and maybe that's why i spend most nights doing nothing. we have a mom's group that meets at a park on wednesday mornings maybe you can come to that? i think everyone but me is in running grrrl...let me know if you are interested.

  2. you just need to move to ag!!

    i will hang out with you! i love you guys!!!

  3. this helps me allot krista!!! you have no idea... i hate living in las vegas and brandon and i have been doing everything we can to move back to ag but reading this reminds me of the saying "you cant go home" ... it will never be the same and thats sad but life goes on ... i hope you and your family find the place thats perfect for you :)