Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So I updated my resume.. I just need to send it to a place to hire me.
Matt's work is hiring for a 20 hour a week job in SLO. It only pays $10/hour but that company is AWESOME to work for. I would love to work for them...but it's in SLO. Matt used to drive 40-50 minutes to work when we lived in Chicago, so why can't I? The only thing is.. I would need to find a babysitter or day care to watch August for 4/5 hours during the morning, because the hours of this job are MORNINGS.
What should I do??? I really want to apply.. but I'm affraid if I DO get the job, what will I do with August?!
I need to find a job, a house to rent, and yeah.. Stressful.
I've already looked at 2 houses.. the first one HUGE backyard.. HUGE it was awesome. But the rooms were really small, the carpet was gross, one room had red carpet from the 70s! It had no dishwasher.. really outdated.
The other.. i walked in and it instantly smelt like smoke. the house was dirty.. but had nice size rooms and a decent kitchen.. it needed some TLC, which is fine but I don't know.. the smoke smell i dont think i would know what to do. The back yard was decent as well.. both great locations in Orcutt.
I want to move to AG but Matt wants to stay in SM since his work is right here.
Alrght, please give me some advice!

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