Saturday, October 25, 2008


I met Owen & Faye today!!!
It was amazing. I met Owen when Taryn was getting her hair did by D. I held him, and he was so little and so amazing. Then he farted HUGE and I just laughed. He was adorable!!!!
Then I met Faye at her house. She too was so little and so amazing. Claire was being so funny around her.. petting her and saying Ella, instead of Faye! Those girls are both too cute for words.

It made me realize that in 20 weeks.. I'll have one of my own. It's so weird holding someone elses Miracle... I just feel like I have to be SO careful, it scares me. But I know once I have my own bundle of joy.. it will just come natural. I'm so excited about that.

Today was an all around good day.




  1. You find out Monday right? That is so exciting. My guess is baby girl! I am wrong only 50% of the time.........
    I still have a hard time holding someone elses baby. If your own baby gets upset it's no big deal, but if it is someone elses I just want to hand them back. I feel like the mom is wondering, what is she doing wrong with my child.


  2. It's weird how u are so careful with someone else's new baby, but you are is different with your own. You almost "toss" them around if you know what I mean, they won't break! James is even really good holding Emerick, even from the first time he held him, he didn't act like he was gonna break him or like he didn't know how to hold him like he did with other people's babies.

    I can't wait to hear your news! I have a gift from my mom and I waiting to send you, just want to verify that I need to send the pink version of it first ;) I have 1 in each color waiting :)

  3. I cannot even wait to hear what Baby Bandy Girl looks like! Heheheh